Sullivan Middle School
Rogers & Gala
North State Law Enforcement Officers Assoc.
Arts Council Of Rock Hill and York County
Meredith and Juan Farias
Dear Mr. Plair,

I’m so sorry that this letter has taken me a while to get to you. Newlywed
life is wonderful, but we’ve had to do a lot of work on our little apartment to
get him moved in.

I do have something very important to say to you all, though. Your music
during our ceremony and our wedding made it come alive. It added to the
spiritual wind that I felt swept over our outdoor church, and it made the
reception so much fun. Your selection of songs was PERFECT for our
crowd and the occasion. Thank you so much for learning our favorite
hymns, and for creating such a magic for us on June 3rd.

I’m so glad you were a part of our wedding day. What you added to it is
difficult for me to communicate because it was so beautiful, fun, and
meaningful. Thank you so much for what you all did. It was such a

Many thanks and God bless,

Devon and Peter Stone
Hello Bobby Plair,

I am looking forward to having you perform at our October 21, 2006 Big Baby
Boomer Show. Your performance at our March 25, 2006 Black Family Expo
was incredible. The audience loved the music and your showmanship. As
someone who organizes events throughout the country I can honestly say
your performance was one of the better ones I have enjoyed. Watching the
crowd in front of the stage dance and sway to your music was thrilling.

I enjoy working with true professionals and you and your group certainly
falls into that category.

I will see you in October!

Lou Reyes
Director of Sales & Marketing
Omni Entertainment, LLC